About me

Hi­čĹő, I am Yi-Ling.

I am a research associate at The Alan Turing Institute, working on online safety and potential interventions. I completed my PhD in Information Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Trento and Fondazione Bruno Kessler, where I was advised by Marco Guerini.

My main research focuses on addressing online hate through counter speech generation, with an emphasis on multilinguality and knowledge injection to increase the informativeness in the generation. I am interested in applying machine learning techniques and social network analysis to help understand dynamics of hate and misinformation, and develop applications to tackle online harm. I am also interested in research areas such as multilinguality, low resource natural language processing, argument mining and generation, psychology, and AI for social good.


  • Yi-Ling Chung, Marco Guerini, and Rodrigo Agerri. Multilingual Counter Narrative Type Classification. Workshop on Argument Mining 2021 [Paper]
  • Yi-Ling Chung, Serra Sinem Tekiro─člu, and Marco Guerini. Towards Knowledge-Grounded Counter Narrative Generation for Hate Speech. ACL Findings 2021 (Long Papers) Also accepted at NLP for Positive Impact workshop 2021 [Paper] [Slides] [Dataset] [Code]
  • Yi-Ling Chung, Serra Sinem Tekiro─člu, Sara Tonelli, and Marco Guerini. Empowering NGOs in Countering Online Hate Messages. Online Social Networks and Media (OSNM), 24 (2021): 100150 [Paper][arXiv]
  • Yi-Ling Chung, Serra Sinem Tekiro─člu, and Marco Guerini. Italian Counter Narrative Generation to Fight Online Hate Speech. In the Seventh Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics Clic-it 2020 [Paper] [video]
  • Serra Sinem Tekiro─člu, Yi-Ling Chung, and Marco Guerini. Generating Counter Narratives against Online Hate Speech: Data and Strategies. ACL 2020 (Long Papers) [Paper]
  • Yi-Ling Chung, Elizaveta Kuzmenko, Serra Sinem Tekiro─člu and Marco Guerini. CONAN - COunter NArratives through Nichesourcing: a Multilingual Dataset of Responses to Fight Online Hate. ACL 2019 (Long Papers) [Paper] [Dataset]
  • Rodrigo Agerri, Yiling Chung, Itziar Aldabe, Nora Aranberri, Gorka Labaka and German Rigau. Building Named Entity Recognition Taggers via Parallel Corpora. LREC 2018 [Paper]

  • PhD Thesis: Counter Narrative Generation for Fighting Online Hate Speech. University of Trento, Italy. 2022.


  • April 2022: I successfully defended my PhD thesis ­čą│­čÄëԝʭčîł
  • September 2021: Our work on counter narrative classification has been accepted at ArgMining 2021!
  • June 2021: Our paper on knowledge-bound counter narrative generation has been accepted at ACL Findings and NLP4PI!
  • May 2021: Our work on hate monitoring/countering platform has been accepted at the journal Online Social Networks and Media!
  • January-April 2021: Interned at HiTZ Center - Ixa Group with Rodrigo Agerri


  • PhD, Computer Science, University of Trento/Fondazione Bruno Kessler 2018-2022
  • MSc in European Masters in Language and Communication Technologies
  • MSc in Cognitive Science, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
  • BSc in Psychology, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan

Work Experience

  • Research Associate, The Alan Turing Institute (January 2022-present)
  • NLP internship, Vicomtech, Basque country (January-August 2017)
  • Researcher at Department of Psychological and Educational Testing, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan (March-July 2015)


  • Served as a reviewer for LREC, ACL, NeurIPS, WOAH, COLING, Clic-it
  • ACL 2019 Student Volunteer
  • AthNLP Summer School Scholarship 2019
  • Taiwanese European Scholarship for European Masters in Language and Communication Technologies